Important Ways You Can Enhance Your Career

July 4th, 2018

When it comes to our careers not all of us genuinely know what we want to do in our lives straight out of school. Some do, and go on to learn and take the right steps for their careers. Others can struggle with the direction they want to take and end up readdressing their choices at a later date. The truth is, many of us spend a big chunk of our time working. Focusing on out careers and earning money so that we can do things in our lives. So enhancing your career, moving up the ladder or simply doing something you love and enjoy could be high on your priority list. I wanted to share with you nine ways you could enhance your career.

Decide on something you want to do

What do you want to do with your career? Do you want to progress up the ladder, work in a different job or change career and industry entirely? Knowing what you want to do can then help you to move forward and make the right steps. Life is too short, and often we don’t appreciate that we all have the choice to do things in our life. You may hate the job you do but love the lifestyle it provides, you may love the job you do but want to progress to afford the lifestyle you want to live. Getting your own priorities in order is key.

Learn and expand your knowledge

Enhancing your career could be high on the agenda and the next step in the career path might be on the cards. So make it an easy decision for your employer by expanding your knowledge and the skills you already have. Perhaps a Master of Business Administration Online course could be the next step to give you extra knowledge in your business area, maybe a degree in business management or a qualification so that you can take on the added responsibility. Prepare in advance to get what you want.

Power dress

We all know that dressing to impress can be a big thing in our lives but have you ever associated it with your career? Power dressing is a thing, and it can be a big difference between giving you that confidence boost you need when the time is right. Dressing the part, looking the part, it can all add to the overall package you can offer. Be that in a new job or as a step up.

Show initiative in the workplace

The next thing to think about would be the initiative you show in the workplace. Do you really showcase what you can do? Do you speak up if you have an opinion or experience in something? Showing initiative in the workplace can then showcase to your employer that you have what it takes to take on the next step, the added responsibility or extra workload. Speak out more, and don’t be afraid to really show you can do the job. These are the things employers are looking out for when they want to employ.

Take on extra responsibility

The idea of taking on extra work for no extra money might not seem logical to you. But when it comes to wanting a promotion in the workplace you have to provide examples that you are able to do it. Taking on extra work and responsibility could show your boss that you are already capable of doing that job, and could be the difference between getting it and not doing. It can fall in line with showing initiative in the workplace and making sure people see you for what you really are. This can also work if you are looking for a career change as it gives you the extra experience.

Discuss your future with managers

Have you ever taken the time to sit with your manager and discuss your career path? It may feel and seem like very forward thinking, but actually discussing your plans and your hopes gives employers reassurance that you are potentially there with them for the long haul. It shows your dedication to the job and helps them to see you as a credible candidate for future possibilities in their business. It might also highlight to you if you do have a future, and help you to plan your next moves for the future.

Have the right resume

Your resume is your first impression to a business. So if you are planning on changing jobs or careers then make sure you work on your resume. There are plenty of tips and tricks online that can help you create the perfect resume. But if it is a career change you are looking for, then ensure that your previous job experience relates to the new industry in some way. Showing that what you have learnt can also be used in a different way.

Work on interview techniques

Once you get in front of someone do you have the confidence in your interview technique to get the job or promotion? An interview can be daunting, especially if you are in front of people needing to discuss yourself. Brush up on your interview techniques by practicing what you might say. Research the job or the company ahead of time so you feel confident in answering any question put to you. Practicing can help you to improve your confidence. Which brings me nicely onto my final point.

Have confidence in yourself

Do you have confidence in yourself? Not all of us are fully confident in our own ability, and this can be a big downfall when it comes to striving for new job opportunity ties or career progression. Self belief and confidence can go hand in hand. Knowing that you can do something is easier than letting people know you can do it. Have confidence in yourself and your ability. It can make the biggest difference in your persona.

I hope that these tips help you to enhance your career in some way. Be that in a completely new direction or by climbing up the career ladder

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