August 17th
August 17, 2020

August 17th

An empty street, a fear of the unknown bundled with zero hope to see the next sunrise is an endured pain that can never leave my mind.
A single evening in my entire life that scared the hell out of me.
A start for something big, The new ME.
Hundreds of miles away from people who care about me and in an opposite direction from those I thought cared the most.
In a middle of a turning point in the history of pandemics.
A period of uncertainty in the 21st century when everyone thought there was no way out.
That's the time I experienced sunrise and sunset simultaneously.
The beginning of the new aftermath opened many people's eyes.
Deciding the fate of the innocents without their consent.
Dating back to the same day and time, a few years ago and after several dozens of stitches and a bunch of medications, I was ready to go back home.

OKAY, It's late night and not the right time for and fantasy stories. Hence, lemme cut this down

~Dadamy Denlinger

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