No hard feelings
August 13, 2022

No hard feelings

This is as plain as the “plain” in “complaint”
As strain is derived from “restraint”
Love may have its own language, but parting does too
When freely expressing an opinion is no longer eschewed.
Like blood from an open wound, some truths cannot be misconstrued
Even the days of Spring dwindle down to a precious few
Honesty lies somewhere in what is seen and all that's shown
In many cases what's done can't be undone as the bullet from a gun
Whatever becomes discarded, must come to terms with being shunned
Promises were made, promises were broken
Beliefs were stirred, beliefs were shaken
Days became gloomy; days became dark
Bingo! I kept my glow and didn't lose all my spark
I was not skilled enough to foresee
And again, not naive enough to accept
I am not good enough to ,
Not bad enough to hate,
Not stupid enough to hang on
And fortunately, strong enough to move on.

“Umm, just a thing! No hard feelings” ✌

~Dadamy Denlinger

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