A quick Update
September 11, 2023

A quick Update

Almost two months have silently slipped by since I arrived in this unexpected land, a place that dwelled far beyond my thoughts and plans, hidden like a secret in the depths of my mind. I had been so singularly focused on a distant corner of the world that this destination seemed implausible. Yet, here I stand, at the beginning of a journey, constructing a life anew, filled with mysteries, unforeseen adventures, and uncharted territories.

The journey to this place was a daring leap, a risk that I held so close to my chest, guarding it from the prying eyes of those I cherished. It was not secrecy out of malice, but out of an understanding that their concern, their anxiety, would burden me. The vision was mine alone, a solitary that I would mold with my own hands.On a tranquil Sunday, after one of the most enchanting weekends, I took my first steps towards a country where I knew no one, where no welcoming arms awaited me, and where the path to settling in was obscured. It felt as though I were a fugitive, running not from danger, but from a life that had been content, even prosperous. In the place I left behind, I had a stable career brimming with opportunities, and I was enveloped by the warmth of loved ones and uncount precious friends, making the balance between work and life a joyful dance. I was, by all accounts, content.

Here I stand now, weeks later, in awe of the unimaginable twists and turns life has unveiled. From finding a host and a welcoming to forging connections with newfound companions, I navigate through the tides of culture shock. Most significantly, I've dismantled the intricate routines that once defined my daily existence, the very routines that had sculpted my identity. To create a new life and to think in novel ways demands a powerful catalyst and time — a transformation that comes at a cost, a price that extends beyond the financial realm.

Amidst the exceptional support from the extended family and the unwavering encouragement of newfound friends, I stand on the precipice of a new chapter in life. It feels like taking the first steps of a grand adventure, much like a child learning to walk, with a sense of excitement and wonder.

As I navigate this journey, I carry with me the cherished memories and promises that bind me to my friends and family. Even though we are physically apart, our hearts remain connected, and the warmth of those memories sustains me.

While there may be moments of uncertainty, but do not worry about me, they serve as opportunities for and -discovery. In my quiet nights, I find time for introspection, nurturing a sense of calm and inner peace. My appetite for new experiences and the desire to explore the world around me fuel my journey.

I've always embraced my adaptability, and here, in this new phase, I am presented with a different kind of challenge — the chance to discover untapped potential within me. It's not about solving immediate problems but unlocking the doors to uncharted opportunities. The absence of a bustling to-do list allows space for creativity and self-reflection.

As I take each day as it comes, I remain optimistic about finding my rhythm and purpose. I trust that this chapter will lead me to new heights and a richer sense of fulfillment. The questions that linger in my mind are not barriers but guiding stars, illuminating the path to my aspirations.

This phase of my life, though different from the past, is not a shadow but a sunrise, heralding a fresh beginning and the pursuit of dreams I may have once set aside. With every word I write and every keystroke on my phone, I am crafting a story of resilience and triumph. Someday, I will share the tale of how I found my answers, and I will do so with immense pride and , knowing that my old friends, family, and I are still together in spirit, bound by our precious memories and promises.

Thank y'all.



  1. Kaze DJIBRIL - September 11, 2023 at 8:40 am - Reply

    It’s amazingly written and surprisingly I didn’t know that you are doing poetry

  2. Aaron - September 11, 2023 at 8:40 am - Reply

    Very happy for you bro!

    Keep forward.

  3. KARENZI DOMINIQUE - September 11, 2023 at 9:42 am - Reply

    We are going to miss you very bad

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