Navigating the Canadian Fall Breeze
November 29, 2023

Navigating the Canadian Fall Breeze

Hey there, this is my impression of the Fall season, as the maple leaves paint the town with hues of red and gold, I'm here share the latest chapter in my . Picture this: me, a guy who used to rock shorts and vests in , now wrapping up like a mummy in layers to brave the cool breeze. Snowflakes? Yeah, they turned the landscape into a plain white canvas – my first encounter, and boy, it felt like nature's way of saying, “Winter is coming! … And you ain't gonna like it”

From the simplicity of slipping into shorts, my routine has evolved into a strategic fashion show of scarves, gloves, and thermal socks. It's like swapping laissez-faire for a crash course in cold climate survival. The fall, with its burst of colors, has become a daily spectacle, urging me to embrace the beauty in the chill.

This Canadian chill has flipped the script on my game. Every layer of clothing is now a defense against the biting wind – a newfound love for cozy sweaters and insulated jackets, who would've thought? Crunchy leaves underfoot, the aroma of , and a rainbow of colors have turned every walk into a sensory , and yes, touchscreen-compatible gloves are now my winter weapon of choice to get overwhelming shots.


The occasional snowflakes (my first time experiencing that), like nature's confetti that results in a plain WHITE landscape

But as the temperature drops, I can't help but marvel at the transformation within me. What used to be a fearless cold warrior has become a die-hard fan of warmth in changing seasons. I've found joy in bundling up, relishing the snug comfort of my winter-ready gear.

The wind, though, is the unexpected antagonist in my Canadian tale. Once a fan of cool breezes while sipping drinks with friends under the starry Rwandan nights, the Canadian wind is a different story. It whispers tales of winter's icy grip, making me trade my old shenanigans for a yearning for the warmth of familiar nights.

Yet, in this struggle against new norms, I find solace in memories of warmer nights, the laughter of friends, and the comfort of shared moments. It's a reminder that, despite the Canadian weather which feels like an open-air freezer, the warmth of cherished moments stays with me.

As the challenges unfold, stay tuned for the next posts where I'll share the real-deal journey of finding accommodation, means of transport and communication, job hunting, and unravel the intricacies of getting legal permits—complete with the unfiltered myths surrounding jobs and money-making for newcomers in . The adventure is unfolding, and I'm genuinely pumped to spill the beans on the twists and turns that lie ahead.

With warmth amid the chill,

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