I smile
April 9, 2022

I smile

I when I reminisce about the man, in whose arms, I grew
Whose passing made my existence lose its glow
I smile as I look back on the 6 years gone by
I smile even when the tears flow as I cry
I smile even though I'll never see you again
I smile even when my heart is aching with pain
Coz that's the pillar that holds me
And an upbringing you've given me
You weren't just a friend or a
But the iconic person my life ever had
Even if I lost a friend, mentor, and hero in you, my old man
You taught me that even the worst can be part of God's great plan
So I smile


  1. Decisions equal Destiny - Emmanuel Dadamy - October 23, 2022 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    […] Decisions equal destiny. If you want a new life, you must make new choices. History is full of strong-willed people trying to recover from fatal and incurable illnesses, and records of what was thought impossible. There are many examples of athletes who broke world records. Our choices to believe in the richness and scarcity of life, to give meaning to those beliefs, and to act on them are what help us to become narrators of our life, not the victims. […]

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