Decisions equal Destiny
October 23, 2022

Decisions equal Destiny

isn't a matter of chance; equal destiny.
It could be a matter of choice. It isn't a thing to be held up for, it is indeed a thing to be achieved. Although we might not get to select the cards that life bargains us with, the way we play them lies in the of our free will. If we accept the concept of destiny to rule the present and define the future, at that point there would be no question of the right or wrong path. What most people call predetermination is nothing but what they basically end up creating unconsciously.
You might be confused right now, but that confusion shouldn't arise because you do in fact have a CHOICE in everything. Without a crystal-clear understanding of what actually drives change in your life, you will always be handing the control over to someone or something else. which is a recipe for failure.

While it's genuine that few people are born with certain traits/talents and were destined to be better than others, at the same time, nothing is holding even us back from living the same reality. And again, a conscious effort is what makes or breaks things in the end. Whatever your fate, even if you're dealt the best cards of your life, it means nothing if you don't put in the effort to hone those skills. Decisions equal destiny. If you want a new life, you must make new .  History is full of strong-willed people who have successfully challenged naysayers' beliefs and changed their so-called “fate” to their will, The people who broke records of what was thought impossible. Our choices to believe in the richness and scarcity of life, to give meaning to those beliefs, and to act on them are what help us to become narrators of our life, not the victims.

Destiny isn't a matter of Chance
If we believe in the tremendous power that lies within us, not only would we be unaffected by the concept of “fate”, but in fact would be defying it. Everything we need to tread the life path we wish to lies in all our choices and decisions.

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