A note to self
May 24, 2022

A note to self

Have you ever fallen in love with someone? it's the best and scariest feeling in the world. You see, having your heart and being left can cause so much pain. You know it's going to be hard, but you also want to feel that love that brought your life together with hers. I wish I could tell you how long this pain will last, but I don't know. Nobody knows when you'll realize that you must move on, or how long it will take to get over that person.

For now, it is just so dark and so alone, crying your heart out while waiting. Hoping that they can see the tears coming down your cheek, hoping they can find and mend your shattered heart, hoping for their quick return to bring you back together once more.

Every month they don't come back is another month of your precious life wasted. Every day spent without hearing a word from them left you alone, in the darkness, and hurt.

But until then, Get used to the endless “what ifs”, weeping alone, and get used to the echoes in your house. It'll never be the same my friend, but hopefully, you will get used to it. It is very hard to act normal in this world full of drama but accepting reality makes us stronger and ready for the next adventure.


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